I Could Not Stop Eating …

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“I lost 40 lbs once I knew the trick to stick and stay on my food plan.” Carol T. Davenport WA

It Was Embarrassing!

There was a time when I couldn’t stop eating. As a result, I have gained and lost 100’s of pounds in my life. The embarrassment of going on my first diet at age 12 was the worst ever. Although I am sure my parents wanted only what was best for me.

In my mind, I believed it was not ok for me to eat!

After the diet was over, I was starving and had my first binge. That set me up for a lifetime of eating obsession. I would hide food and eat in secret. I remember standing at the kitchen window with a carton of ice cream, eating while keeping an eye out the window in case someone pulled up into the drive. I was either on a diet or off the diet. I was either gaining or losing. I was obsessed and a mental basket case.

It took me years to find the solutions…

It took me years to find my solution to be sane with the food. I hired many coaches, and worked many programs. I educated myself and became A certified coach, EFT Practitioner and mastered the art of several tools, techniques and education to create my own special blend in order to get results quickly.

Today, I teach others their most asked questions, which are.. “Rose, How Can I…??

Know What to eat, how to eat and when to eat, in order to wear all the clothes in their closet instead of just the ones that fit right now!

If this is you, and you have struggled like me, it is time to cut to the chase and figure out what your solutions are.

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Sincerely, Rose

Rose Black is a certified Life Coach, EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping), NLP Practitioner and more. The owner and founder of Winning Changes.

Rose lives in the Spokane Area with her husband Bill.

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